How does your algorithm work?

The Phonevice recommendation engine factors in dozens
of parameters and constantly updated benchmark figures
that efficiently measure a smartphone’s quality and performance.

Our personalized results are derived from a combination of multiple
powerful MCDA and statistical methods that deliver the optimal
intersection of device performance, brand quality, and value for money.

How do I set up the Phonevice recommendation engine on my website?

If you are interested in integrating our recommendation engine
to your e-commerce platform, do not hesitate to request a demo
via our Contact page.

In terms of installation, rest assured that we’ll be taking care
of everything necessary, including adjusting the engine’s UI to your
website’s design aesthetic and always be there for any questions or
additional demands that you might have along the way.

Can you guarantee the best results?

Absolutely! Our engine is being tested by hundreds of users
on a weekly basis. And it always passes the test with flying colors.

Can you recommend other products?

We’re working around the clock to launch recommendation engines
for other products as well. Tablets, laptops, and TVs are the first on our list.